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Machine Learning and Optimization

Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization

 Algorithms are the most fundamental concept of Computer Science. His study refers to basic theories such as Computational Complexity and Computability. On the other hand, the design of algorithms, accompanied by all its paradigms – sequential, parallel, distributed, randomized, approximate, quantum algorithms, among others – allows the application of the computer in solving problems in […] Continue reading →

Machine Learning

 Much of the progress in the task of extracting knowledge from data is obtained through research in machine learning. Two sub-areas of AM are of particular interest in this research project: (i) Deep Learning and (ii) Reinforced Learning. Deep Learning encompasses a set of techniques designed to simulate the behavior of the human brain in […] Continue reading →

Advanced Computational Methods

 The development of computational models for solving complex problems requires the use of methods from different areas of computing. This project foresees the use of signal processing, computational intelligence, numerical methods and high performance computing to solve problems arising in the areas of transportation, telecommunications, health, geophysics, agriculture, internet of things, energy, smart cities, among […] Continue reading →