The professors of the PPCIC have been working on the internationalization process of the program. As actions in this sense stand out: (i) Bilingual program website, (ii) The participation of professors in the organization or a conference program committee, as well as in the editorial body of international journals, (iii) The partnership of professors with international institutions and researchers.

About the activities of the program’s professors in the Organization of International congresses, we highlight the organization of  Mini-Symposium Of Spectral Graph Theory International Linear Algebra Society at 2017 ( In the year 2018, the program’s professors organized the VIII Latin American on Cliques in Graphs (LAWCG 2018, and the first Latin America Workshop on Data Science (LADaS 2018,

The participation in the Program Committee of the following events is also noteworthy:

  • VLDB (Demos trail) at 2018
  • SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, from 2015 to 2018
  • Workshop on Applications for Multi-Core Architectures in 2015 and 2016
  • SIGMOD (Demos trail) at 2015
  • Congress of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in Brazil, in 2015
  • Congress IberoLatino American of computational methods in engineering-CILAMCE, 2014

It is also noteworthy the activity of professors as reviewers of the following international journals:

  • Aeronautical Journal, from 2017
  • Annals of Operations Research, from 2017
  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research, from 2017
  • Computers & Industrial Engineering, from 2019
  • Computers in Biology and Medicine, from 2018
  • Digital Signal Processing, from 2018
  • Discrete and Applied Mathematics, from 2010
  • Discrete Mathematics, from 2010
  • Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications, from 2017
  • Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, from 2016
  • EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, from 2018
  • European Journal of Operational Research, from 2019
  • Expert Systems with Applications, from 2013
  • IEEE Access, from 2019
  • IEEE Latin America Transactions, from 2018
  • IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, from 2019
  • IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, from 2014
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, from 2019
  • IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, from 2018
  • IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, from 2015
  • IET Image Processing, from 2019
  • Information and Software Technology, from 2016
  • Information Processing Letters, from 2016
  • Information Systems, from 2017
  • International Engineering Journal, from 2018
  • International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, from 2016
  • International Transactions in Operational Research, from 2017
  • Journal of Communication and Information Systems, from 2016
  • Journal of Information and Data Management – JIDM, from 2013
  • Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, from 2014
  • Journal of the Operational Research Society, from 2017
  • Latin American Journal of Computing, from 2015
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications, from 2010
  • Linear and Multilinear Algebra, from 2015
  • Multimedia Tools and Applications, from 2011
  • PeerJ Computer Science, from 2016
  • Psychological Reports, from 2018
  • Recherche Opérationnelle, from 2017
  • Revista Ibérica de Sistemas y Tecnologías de la Información – RISTI, dede 2019
  • SENSORS, from 2018
  • SoftwareX, from 2018
  • Signal Processing, from 2017
  • SUGAR Tech, from 2017
  • The Journal of Systems and Software, from 2015
  • Transportation Research Part E-Logistics And Transportation Review, from 2017
  • Transportation Research. Part C, Emerging Technologies, from 2015
  • Utilitas Mathematica, from 2016
  • VLDB Journal, from 2016
  • WIRELESS NETWORKS, from 2017

Besides, PPCIC professors have partnered with the following international researchers:

  • Ali Mohammadian (IPM – Institute for Research in Fundamental SciencesIran
  • Andras Gyarfas (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  • Andras Sebo (GSCOP-Grenoble)
  • Cécile Roisin (Inria-Granoble)
  • Esther Pacitti (INRIA, University of Montpellier)
  • Florent Massaglia (INRIA, LIRMM)
  • Kristina Vuskovic (Univ. Leeds)
  • Nabil Layaïda (Inria-Granoble)
  • Nicolas Trotignon (Esa-Lyon),
  • Patrick Valduriez (INRIA, LIRMM)
  • Paula Rama (University of Aveiro)
  • Philippe Michelon (LMA, University of Avignon, France)
  • Pierre Hansen (GERAD, University of Montreal, Canada)
  • Stephan Thomasse (Esa-Lyon)
  • Steve Kirkland (University of Manitoba, Canada)
  • Vladimir Nikiforov (University of Memphis, USA)
  • Zhentao Li (ENS-Paris)

The internationalization efforts of the program, in turn, rely on institutional support. In 2017 a commission was constituted, chaired by the Director of Research and Postgraduate, who was responsible for the elaboration of the Institutional Plan of internationalization of CEFET/RJ. This plan, approved by the higher councils at the beginning of 2018, presents an institutional diagnosis and defines strategic axes, objectives, goals, actions and indicators of follow-up aiming at the expansion and consolidation of the process of Internationalization of the institution, contemplating both the mobility in (reception of professors and students from abroad) regarding mobility out (sending professors and students abroad).

At the end of 2017, a commission was also established to elaborate the institutional project for internationalization of postgraduate studies, to submit a proposal for the institutional program for internationalization of Capes (PrInt call). This commission was attended by professors from the various programs of the CEFET/RJ and identified interfaces aiming to increase internationalization achievements.

It is added that the institutional plan for professors training is also being elaborated, defining a training policy that will allow and facilitate the clearance for post-doctoral, especially abroad. All these institutional actions, therefore, should contribute to the expansion of the international partnerships and collaborations of the PPCIC.