The Computer Science Graduate Program (PPCIC) offers a master’s course in Computer Science. The Program’s objective is to train graduates in research, teach and develop scientific and technological knowledge in the field of Computer Science.

The Program focuses on a Data Science profile, a pioneering profile in Brazil, and so, train researchers and professionals to develop a multidisciplinary vision. Computer scientists with such an emphasis can formulate problems from a data-centric perspective, turning them into knowledge. This profile is in line with a growing national and international demand.

The PPCIC is structured in two research lines: (i) Data and Application Analysis and (ii) Machine Learning and Optimization. In this way, basic and applied research are combined, which presents itself as a promising strategy, since at the same time that theoretical results are established that support the construction of new applications for the solution of practical questions, practical problems often leading to the development of new theoretical frameworks.

The Program offers basic disciplines to form a robust graduate in Computer Science at the Postgraduate level. At the same time, considering the multidisciplinary characteristic and the focus on Data Science, the Program offers a wide spectrum of subjects centered on Data Science that can be observed in the course’s curricular structure.

PPCIC is part of CEFET/RJ, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city and the second largest GDP in Brazil. Also, Rio de Janeiro is the country’s tourist focus and a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. According to a study by the Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom), the state of Rio is the second largest market in the area of ​​Computing.

The administrative headquarters of PPCIC is located at the Maracanã Campus of CEFET/RJ. The Campus is located in a central point of the city, next to the Maracanã stadium and easily reached by different means of transport (bus, train and subway). Also, the Campus offers its students a library of studies, as well as open areas for the practice of sports and relaxation. PPCIC also has a laboratory infrastructure fully equipped and available to its students. The course has full scholarships from Capes, as well as CEFET/RJ itself.