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Data Analytics and Applications

Big Data Management, Integration and Workflows

 Increasingly, organizations seek to analyze the growing number of data available to develop actions that bring competitive advantage and prominence in their field of activity. This process ranges from the correct collection and storage of data to their integration with information obtained from the Web. The data are associated with the organization’s planning, management and […] Continue reading →

Text Mining, Affective Computing and Behavioral Analysis

 This project aims to extract knowledge from different unstructured sources about a given domain. In text mining, information is usually obtained by identifying patterns and trends through statistical or machine learning from texts. In this way, the objective in this area focuses on representing texts in the vector space, developing classification algorithms and building applications […] Continue reading →

Systems and Applications

 This project works in applied research in different areas of Computer Science, with a bias in the development of computational artifacts. In particular, the research carried out in this project appropriates techniques, approaches and methods of Data Science for the development of such artifacts. The treatment of the large volumes of data generated by the […] Continue reading →