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Dissertation defense (December 05, 2023): Willian Pitter Cardoso Lima

Student: Willian Pitter Cardoso Lima

Title: An Analysis of Political Parties Based on Speeches at the Brazilian National Congress

Advisors: Laura Silva de Assis (advisor)  and Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso (co-advisor)

Committee: Laura Silva de Assis (Cefet/RJ), Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso (IPT),  Eduardo Bezerra da silva (Cefet/RJ) e Rafael Lima de Carvalho (UFT)

Day/Time:  December 05, 2023 / 10 a.m.


Abstract: Speeching is an intrinsic part of the work of congressmen, as they expose facts as well as their points of view and opinions on several subjects. This paper aims to analyze  relations between congressmen according to the speeches given by members of the lower house of the national congress of Brazil. The period considered in this study comprises the mandate between 2011 and 2015. In order to accomplish this goal, the proposed methodology based on Natural Language Processing, Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency and Universal Sentence Encoder were used to assess pairwise relationships between congressmen which were then analyzed from the perspective of Complex Networks. In this work, to represent the problem under study, a complete graph was constructed in which each node represents a deputy, and the weights associated with the edges that connect these nodes represent the
similarities between their political positions. Node clustering was used to evaluate multiple speech-based measures of distance between each pair of congressmen, as well as the resulting cohesion of their political parties. Experimental results showed that one of the proposed measures, based on aggregating similarities between each pair of speeches, is superior to a previously established alternative of considering concatenations of these elements relative to each individual when targeting to group parliamentarians organically.

Dissertation defense (December 05, 2023): Janio de Souza Lima

 Student: Janio de Souza Lima Title: Uma Análise do Uso de Lotes Deslizantes na Detecção de Eventos em Séries Temporais em Streaming Advisors:  Eduardo Ogasawara (Advisor) and Rafaelli Coutinho (Co-advisor) Committee: Eduardo Ogasawara  (Cefet/RJ), Rafaelli Coutinho (Cefet/RJ), Eduardo Bezerra (Cefet/RJ), João Eduardo Ferreira (IME/USP) Day/Time:  December 05, 2023 / 2 p.m. Room: Abstract: Time series […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (September 18, 2023): Renato de Oliveira Rodrigues

 Student: Renato de Oliveira Rodrigues Title: An Approach For Sensory Effects Dispersion Simulation With Computational Fluid Dynamics Advisors:  Joel André dos Santos Ferreira (Advisor) and Diego Nunes Brandão (Co-advisor) Committee: Joel André dos Santos Ferreira (Cefet/RJ), Diego Nunes Brandão (Cefet/RJ), Glauco Fiorott Amorim (Cefet/RJ), Celso Alberto Saibel Santos (PPGI – UFES)​​​​​​​,  Gheorghita Ghinea (Brunel University)​​​​​​​ Day/Time: […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (September 15, 2023): Renata Fonseca da Silva

 Student: Renata Fonseca da Silva Title: O uso de Jogos Educacionais e Sistemas Tutores Inteligentes como ferramentas no combate às Fake News: Uma Revisão Sistemática de Literatura Advisors:  Jorge de Abreu Soares (Advisor) and Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (Co-advisor) Committee:Jorge de Abreu Soares (Cefet/RJ), Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (IME), Joel André Fereira dos Santos (Cefet/RJ), Paulo Marcio […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (September 14, 2023): Uriel Merola Minage e Silva

 Student: Uriel Merola Minage e Silva Title: Métodos de detecção de fake news: Comparativo entre abordagens crowd signals e métodos de comitê Advisors:  Jorge de Abreu Soares (Advisor) and Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (Co-advisor) Committee: Jorge de Abreu Soares (Cefet/RJ), Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (IME), Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (Cefet/RJ), Paulo Marcio Souza Freire (IME) Day/Time: September […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (September 13, 2023): Jéssica da Silva Costa

 Student: Jéssica da Silva Costa Title: Methods Based on Homology and Machine Learning for Identification of Essential Proteins Advisor: Kele Teixeira Belloze Committee: Kele Teixeira Belloze (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Bezerra (CEFET/RJ), Diogo Antonio Tschoeke (Coppe/UFRJ), Victor Ströele de Andrade Menezes (UFJF) Day/Time: September 13, 2023 / 8am. Room: Abstract: Drug development is often a complex and […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (August 24, 2023): Flávio Pinheiro Marques

 Student: Flávio Pinheiro Marques Title: ProBee: Um Processo Baseado em Proveniência para Rastreio do Comportamento de Alunos em Jogos Educacionais Advisors: Joel dos Santos (Advisor) and Eduardo Ogasawara (Co-advisor) Committee: Joel dos Santos (Advisor), Eduardo Ogasawara (Co-advisor), João Quadros (PPCIC), Windson Viana (UFC) Day/Time: August 24, 2023 / 10a.m. Room: Abstract: Em diversas áreas […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (May 23, 2023): Diego Rodrigues Moreira Totte

 Student: Diego Rodrigues Moreira Totte Title: Comparison between Exact and Heuristic Methods for Sensor Allocation Problem in Wireless Sensor Network Advisors: Laura Assis and Felipe Henriques Committee: Laura Assis (CEFET/RJ), Felipe Henriques (CEFET/RJ), Pedro González (CEFET/RJ), Michel Tcheou (UERJ) Day/Time: May 23, 2023 / 1:30p.m. Room: Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are increasingly present […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 16, 2022): Luis Barbosa de Assis Jr.

 Student: Luis Barbosa de Assis Jr. Title: An Internet of Things-based System for Water Leakage Detection in Households Advisors: Diego Brandão e Helga Balbi Committee: Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ), Helga Balbi (CEFET/RJ), Felipe Henriques (CEFET/RJ), André Chaves (IME/IPB), Ary de Oliveira (UFT) Day/Time: December 16, 2022 / 10a.m. Room: Abstract: The rational use of water is essential for a […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 15, 2022): Iran de Alvarenga Cidade

 Student: Iran de Alvarenga Cidade Title: A Low-Cost System for Environmental Monitoring and Air Quality Verification Advisors: Diego Brandão e João Quadros Committee: Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ), João Quadros (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ), Jader Lugon Jr. (IFF) Day/Time: December 15, 2022 / 10a.m. Room: Abstract: The technological advances in recent years have allowed different areas of science to […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 22, 2022): Diego Silva de Salles

 Student: Diego Silva de Salles Title: Detecção e análise multi-scale de eventos originados por fatores externos de incerteza em séries financeiras Advisors: Eduardo Ogasawara e Eduardo Bezerra Committee: Eduardo Ogasawara (advisor), Eduardo Bezerra (co-advisor), Rafaelli Coutinho (Cefet/RJ), Carlos Eduardo Mello (UNIRIO) Day/Time: December 22, 2022 / 9a.m. Room: Abstract: Different external factors reported in […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 13, 2022): Helder Yukio Okuno

 Student: Helder Yukio Okuno Title: Multisensorial Audiobooks: model, development, and implementation of a new reading experience for visually impaired usersL Advisor: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva Committee: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva (CEFET/RJ), Glauco Amorim (CEFET/RJ), Maria da Graça Pimentel (USP) Day/Time: December 13, 2022 / 8:30 a.m. Room: Abstract: The development of assistive technology solutions for […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (November 25, 2022): Luciana Varjolo

 Student: Luciana Varjolo Title: MERES: A methodology for word recognition with sound and written stimuli Advisor: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva Committee: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva (CEFET/RJ), Juliana Novo (Universidade do Minho), Glauco Amorim (CEFET/RJ), Maurício Cagy (Coppe/UFRJ) Day/Time: November 25, 2022 / 10 a.m. Room: Abstract: Reading texts is an extremely important […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (November 22, 2022): Felipe Oliveira Feder

 Student: Felipe Oliveira Feder Title: Comparative study between textual representation approaches and algorithms used in classification Advisor: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva Committee: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Bezerra (CEFET/RJ), Geraldo Xexéo (Coppe/UFRJ) Day/Time: November 22, 2022 / 9 a.m. Room: Abstract: We are experiencing an unprecedented technological revolution in recent years. The […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (May 17, 2022): Danielle Fontes de Albuquerque

 Student: Danielle Fontes de Albuquerque Title: Feature Selection in Brazilian higher education data Advisors: Rafaelli Coutinho (advisor)  and Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ) (co-advisor) Committee: Rafaelli Coutinho (president), Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ), Alessandro Vivas Andrade (UFVJM), Cristiano Maciel (UFMT) Day/Time: May 17, 2022 / 2:30 p.m. Room: Abstract: Increasingly, the education sector is using its […] Continue reading →

Special Topics in Computer Applications (Introduction to Blockchain and Decentralized Applications) – 2022.3

 In the third quarter of 2022, the course of Special Topics in Computer Applications refers to Introduction to Blockchain and Decentralized Applications. The course syllabus is shown below. Introduction to Blockchain and Decentralized Applications Blockchain and cryptocurrencies; Decentralized Applications (DApps); Smart Contracts; Blockchain Platforms; Off-chain and Layer2 solutions. DRESHER, D. Blockchain Basics. Apress, Frankfurt, 2017. MOHANTY, […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (January 26, 2022): Igor da Silva Morais

 Student: Igor da Silva Morais Title: Hybrid Approaches to the Two-Stage Facility Location Problem Advisors: Pedro Henrique González Silva (advisor)  and Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (CEFET/RJ) (co-advisor) Committee: Pedro Henrique González Silva (president),  Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (CEFET/RJ), Diego Nunes Brandão (CEFET/RJ), Vanessa de Almeida Guimarães (CEFET/RJ), Glaydston Mattos Ribeiro (COPPE/UFRJ) Day/Time: January 26, 2022 […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 27, 2021): Thiago Rangel Pesset Gonzaga

 Student: Thiago Rangel Pesset Gonzaga Title: STOCHASTIC MODELING OF ONLINE LEARNING OF AN ADAPTIVE LINEAR STRUCTURE IMPLEMENTED IN BLOCKS Advisors: Diego Barreto Haddad (advisor) and Felipe da Rocha Henriques (CEFET/RJ) (co-advisor) Committee: Diego Barreto Haddad (president), Felipe da Rocha Henriques (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (CEFET/RJ), Tadeu Nagashima Ferreira (UFF). Day/Time: December 27, 2021 / […] Continue reading →

Dissertation defense (December 15, 2021): Davi Bortolotti Batista

 Student: Davi Bortolotti Batista Title: Semantic Segmentation for Automatic Interpretation of Linear Geological Structures Advisors:  Diego Barreto Haddad (advisor) and Gabriel Matos Araujo (CEFET/RJ) (co-advisor). Committee: Diego Barreto Haddad (president), Gabriel Matos Araujo (CEFET/RJ), Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso (CEFET-RJ), Kenji Nose Filho (UFABC), Milena Faria Pinto (CEFET-RJ) and GIlson Antonio Giraldi (LNCC). Day/Time: December 15, […] Continue reading →