Since 2013, PPCIC researchers, through research groups, have systematically promoted lecture cycles in the so-called Workshop in Computer Science of School of Computing and Informatics (WEIC). Well known researches from our state participate as guest lecturers in the WEIC. These cycles have the potential to approximate the PPCIC to the industry and the researchers and the postgraduate programs of other institutions. These cycles have been enriching in the promotion of an institutional exchange and the training of graduate students in Computer Science, students in Computer Science and Engineering graduations and the Technical High-school, fostering the desire for entrepreneurship, research and innovation and the publication of scientific papers on qualified venues.

About interinstitutional collaborations, the professors of the program have partnerships with several research centers, of which we highlight the National Laboratory of Scientific Computing (LNCC) and the National Observatory (ON) through the Linea (Interinstitutional Laboratory of e-astronomy). Both institutions coordinate INCTs. Together with the LNCC, we are part, as an associate laboratory, of INCT in Data science (CiD). Similarly, next to the Linea, we are part, as an associate laboratory, of the INCT of the e-Universe. We also collaborate with the National Institute of Quality and Technology metrology (INMETRO),  Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz) and Center for Mineral Technology (CETEM) and other nearby universities: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Military Institute of Engineering (IME), and Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ).

Regarding the interaction with industry, the professors of the Program participate in a project with the Petrobras Research Center (CENPES). Companies bring complex problems that demand the application of the scientific method for their resolution. Students interested in participating in these problems may develop them in their masters’ thesis. From the projects are offered research grants for students, making a good research cycle. Finally, the results can both be transformed into scientific articles and absorbed by the associated company.

Finally, in the area of research related to education, CEFET/RJ is directing the research efforts applied to work with schools in the city of Rio de Janeiro. A pilot project was initiated with the Olympic Experimental Gymnasium Juan Antônio Samaranch, in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa, where we intend to raise demands for computational support and perform countless experiments in order to stimulate students during the process of Teaching-Learning (Data Science in Education).


Other exchanges have been provided through research projects, with support from funding agencies, signed between PPCIC professors and researchers from other institutions. The following actions can be highlighted:

  • Prof. Eduardo Ogasawara has partnered with researchers from Inria (Esther Pacitti, Florent Massaglia e Patrick Valduriez). Recently participated in the project MUSIC (scientific data management in a cloud multi-site) of the Faperj-Inria programme, involving cooperation between LNCC and Inria, France. The coordinator of the Brazilian side is Prof. Fábio Porto (LNCC), and the coordinator of the French side is Prof. Esther Pacitti (Inria). As a result of this partnership, several articles were obtained together. Currently participates in the project SciDISC (Scientific data analysis using Data-Intensive Scalable Computing). The coordinator of the Brazilian side is Prof. Marta Mattoso (COPPE/UFRJ), and the coordinator of the French side is Professor Patrick Valduriez (Inria).
  • Prof. Raphael Machado participates in the program MathAmSud, trilateral cooperation between CAPES (Brazil), the Mincyt (Argentina) and the CNRS (France). The cooperation between Raphael Machado and European researchers is old and evidenced by publications with the Authors Kristina Vuskovic (Univ. Leeds), Nicolas Trotignon (Esa-Lyon), Andras Sebo (GSCOP-Grenoble), Andras Gyarfas (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Zhentao Li (ENS-Paris) e Stephan Thomasse (Esa-Lyon).
  • Prof. Leonardo Lima has an international partnership conducted through publications of scientific articles with the following professors: Vladimir Nikiforov (University of Memphis, USA), Steve Kirkland (University of Manitoba, Canada) and Pierre Hansen (GERAD, University of Montreal, Canada). Other international collaborations of Professor Leonardo Lima are underway with professors Paula Rama (University of Aveiro) and Ali Mohammadian (IPM – Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Iran), respectively, so that they have submitted articles and should be published shortly.
  • Prof. Joel dos Santos has an international partner conducted through publications of scientific articles with researchers Cécile Roisin (Inria-Grenoble) e Nabil Layaïda (Inria-Grenoble).
  • Prof. Gustavo Paiva Guedes has an international partner conducted through publications of scientific articles with researchers Mark Turner (Case Western Reserve University) e Francis Steen (University of California, Los Angeles).
  • Prof. Diego Barreto Haddad has an international partner conducted through publications of scientific articles with researchers Bowon Lee (Inha University, South Korea), Rune Storvold (Norut, Norway) and Goal Arne Johansen (NTNU, Norway).