Student Body

The enrollment of students in the PPCIC is done through a call notice prepared by the collegiate and approved by COPEP. In the notice, the number of available positions by advisors is established. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Program, candidates from the most varied areas of training are accepted. The requirement for admission to the Program is the presentation of a diploma recognized by the MEC by current legislation.

The selection of students by the PPCIC follows a rigorous criterion also adopted by other programs of the institution. The selection process consists of three stages. In the first step, the enrolled candidates carry out objective tests of Computational Base and English. In the second stage the research proposal submitted by the candidate is evaluated considering the adherence of the proposal submitted to the line and research project (s) of the chosen advisor, as well as the academic and professional profile of the candidate. In the third stage, the classified candidates undergo an oral argument where they are questioned about the proposal presented.

Each selection process takes approximately two months. In 2016, the year the program began, the PPCIC selected ten students. In 2017 and 2018, 17 and 31 students were selected respectively. Currently, the program has 43 active students, of whom 11 are scholars. In 2018 we had three graduates and four with defenses scheduled for February 2019.

Despite being a recent program, PPCIC support its students with scholarships. Currently, PPCIC is able to support arround 23% of its students with scholarships, either from CAPES or from CEFET/RJ’s own resources.

It is possible to check the student body of PPCIC at Sucupira platform.