The enrollment of students in the PPCIC is done through a call notice prepared by the collegiate and approved by COPEP. In the notice, the number of available positions by advisors is established. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Program, candidates from the most varied areas of training are accepted. The requirement for admission to the Program is the presentation of a diploma recognized by the MEC by current legislation.

The selection of students by the PPCIC follows a selection process composed of two stages. In the first stage, the curriculum analysis and the research proposal submitted by the candidate are evaluated, considering the adherence of the proposal submitted to the line and research project(s) of the chosen advisor, as well as the academic and/or professional profile of the candidate. In the second stage, the classified candidates undergo an oral argument where they are questioned about the proposal presented.

Adhering to the principles of the UK quality code (important in the context of the Program’s self-assessment), the selection process is transparent and fair. To assist candidates, the Program offers a page with clear information about the selection process, including videos on Youtube explaining the Program, the selection process and the research conducted by each permanent teacher of the Program.

Each selection process carried out lasts approximately two months. In 2016, the year the program started, PPCIC selected ten students. From 2017 and 2019, 71 students were selected. The Program ended 2019 with 52 active students. From 2018 we have already had the first graduates. By the end of 2019, 14 masters have been trained and four defenses are scheduled for January 2020.

Despite being a recent program, PPCIC support its students with scholarships. Currently, PPCIC is able to support around 20% of its students with scholarships, either from CAPES or from CEFET/RJ’s own resources.

It is possible to check the student body of PPCIC at Sucupira platform.