Concentration Areas

Computer Science

Computer Science is present in all major advances in many application domains. New ways sciences can interact, in several levels and scales, are mediated by Information Technology, which represents a symbiosis between Computer Science and different application domains. Indeed, many of the great recent scientific discoveries are the result of interdisciplinary teams in which computer scientists are involved. Computing permeates many areas in its many forms of scientific investigation, such as simulation, modeling, monitoring, and measurement. It can be said that Computer Science revolutionized scientific research, and is nowadays recognized as its third pillar, along with theory and experimentation.

In this context, Computational Science has multidisciplinary features, as it leverages on techniques and theory originated from many primary fields of engineering and basic science. Added to this philosophy of multidisciplinary application, Computational Science presents itself as a needed component in an ever-growing number of application areas, such as health, petroleum, energy, finance, sports, astronomy, bioinformatics, Internet, urban mobility, cybernetics defense, mobile communications, and biodiversity.

In a highly multidisciplinary environment, with applications in a plethora of different areas, a great challenge emerges when proposing solution to problems applied in so diverse areas. It is the one of identifying the fundamental principles, methods, and techniques for data managing data, processes and systems.