CAPES-area document and evaluation

CAPES-Regulations, Ordinances and crafts

CEFET/RJ-Resolutions of the Board of Directors

CEFET/RJ-General normals of the Research Directorate (DIPPG)

CEFET/RJ-Program-specific normals (PPCIC)

Templates for dissertations and theses

General rules of Master’s courses

The master’s student should attend a set of disciplines, between the basic nucleus and the specific nucleus, chosen with the agreement of the teacher-advisor. The student must integrate a total of credits equal to or greater than 24 credits, distributed as follows:

  • minimum of 9 credits in courses of the basic group;
  • remaining credits may be complemented with courses of the specific group.

The master’s student shall prepare and defend the Master Thesis proposal. For the elaboration of the Master Thesis proposal The student must enroll in the discipline Master’s thesis Seminar. The inscription in the discipline Master’s thesis Seminar is conditional upon compliance with the following conditions:

  • Deadline: Minimum of 06 months and a maximum of 18 months counted from your admission to the master’s degree;
  • Credits: Have integralized a minimum of 15 credits, from which 09 credits are in courses of the basic group;
  • of intellectual production: have fulfilled the minimum score as established in the program specific normative.

The student, after approval in the discipline Master’s thesis Seminar, you must subscribe to the discipline Research for Master’s thesis, in all subsequent school periods until the defense is carried out.