Future Planning

The PPCIC has as future objectives:

  1. Consolidate the master course, highlighting in the area of data science.
  2. Encourage teachers to continuously improve production in the restricted strata and the quality of the guidelines.
  3. Increase in the number of students in the program. Although we have begun with a good number of students (15 to 2016, 17 to 2017 and 31 For 2018), we intend to Expand for 40 The number of students entering a year.
  4. Increase in the number of events organized both nationally and internationally. For example, in 2019 Prof. Leonardo Lima will organize the event International Linear Algebra Society in Rio de Janeiro, Prof. Joel Santos will organize the Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web, Prof. Diego Haddad will organize the Brazilian Symposium on Telecommunications and Signal Processing, and Prof. Eduardo Ogasawara will organize the Brazilian e-Science Workshop.
  5. Increase the number of software published in open mode, aiming to broaden the transfer of knowledge to Industry and the Government, as well as to produce a more significant impact on society.
  6. Attract new professors with academic production. The program should incorporate two to four new professors with qualified academic production to compose its framework. These professors will be incorporated according to the accreditation criteria described above and that the admission of these professors will maintain the balance between the two lines of research.
  7. Implementation of the doctoral course in 2021, since there is a growing demand for the formation of data scientist with a doctorate and the program indicators, based on the last four-year, already point to the classification of the program with production equivalent to Level 4 programs.