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Dissertation Defense: Raphael Silva de Abreu

 Student: Raphael Silva de Abreu Title: Authorship of documents Multimedia Interactive based on Synchronization of sensory effects in Relationship To Content Audiovisual Advisors: Joel A. F. Dos Santos, Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (co-advisor) Jury: Joel A. F. Dos Santos (CEFET/RJ) (President), Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (CEFET/RJ), Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva (Cefet/RJ), Glauco Fiorott Amorim […] Continue reading →

Dissertation Defense: Rafael Guimarães Rodrigues

 Student: Rafael Guimarães Rodrigues Title: Analysis of semantic aspects in automatic translations of texts Advisor: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva Committee: Gustavo Paiva Guedes e Silva (Cefet/RJ) (President), Eduardo Bezerra da Silva (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Soares Ogasawara (Cefet/RJ) and Lilian Vieira Ferrari (UFRJ) Day/Time: July 4, 2018/10h Room: Auditorium V Abstract   Automatic text translations emerged […] Continue reading →

VIII Latin American on Cliques in Graphs

 VIII Latin American on Cliques in Graphs (LAWCG 2018) A Satellite Event of ICM 2018 (International Congress of Mathematicians) August 9-11, 2018 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil CALL FOR PAPERS The 8th Latin American Workshop on Cliques in Graphs will be held on August 9-11, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The workshop is meant to foster interaction […] Continue reading →

Data Science Journey

 The programming of the Data Science Day this year will take place at the LNCC on March 9, 2018 is available. The detailing of the event schedule is in attached. V WORKSHOP on Data science Data Science Journey – LNCC 2018 Summer Program Auditorium A, LNCC/MCTIC, Petrópolis, RJ, March 09, 2018 Organization: Fabio Porto (LNCC), […] Continue reading →

Lectures of Prof. Patrick Valduriez and Esther Pacitti at CEFET/RJ

 Lectures of Prof. Patrick Valduriez and Esther Pacitti at CEFET/RJ The graduate program in Computer Science (PPCIC) of the Federal Center of Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET/RJ) proudly invites the community to attend the lectures of Prof. Patrick Valduriez (INRIA & LIRMM) e Esther Pacitti (Inria&Cnrs, University fo Montpellier). O Prof. Patrick Valduriez […] Continue reading →

Emergency support for The Programs of Stricto Sensu Postgraduate courses of the state of Rio de Janeiro

 The graduate program in Computer Science of CEFET/RJ (PPCIC) had its project, coordinated by Prof. Eduardo Ogasawara, approved in Edital FAPERJ N º 22/2016 of Emergency support for the Stricto Sensu graduate programs and courses of the state of Rio de Janeiro. The result is available at Continue reading →

CEFET/RJ will be Rio’s headquarters for Poscomp 2017!

 The national Examination for admission to the post-graduation in computing (POSCOMP) is an examination applied in all regions of the country. POSCOMP tests knowledge in the area of computing and aims to evaluate the knowledge of candidates for postgraduate programs in computing offered in Brazil. The vast majority of post-graduation programs in the country use, […] Continue reading →

Inaugural Class 2017.1

 The graduate program in Computer Science (PPCIC) of the Federal Center of Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET/RJ) invites the community to the inaugural events of the 2017.1 class on March 08, 2017, from 16h to 19h, in Auditorium V, on Campus Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro. The event also contemplates the Inaugural seminar of […] Continue reading →

Data Science Journey 2017

 The Data Science journey takes place annually throughout the summer program at the LNCC The journey consists of three minicourses offered from 13 to 16 February and the Workshop on Data Science on 17 February. Minicourses MC-CD01-Network science Professor: Artur Ziviani – LNCC Time: 09:00-10:30 MC-CD02-Data analysis Professor: Eduardo Ogasawara-Cefet-RJ Professor: 11:00-12:30 MC-CD03-high-volume data management […] Continue reading →

Minicourse WebMedia 2016 – Challenges Of Check Of Consistency Of Documents Multimedia Interactive

 Interactive multimedia document consistency check challenges Authors: Joel dos Santos (Federal Center of Technological Education/RJ), Debora Muchaluat-Saade (Universidade Federal Fluminense) Abstract: A multimedia document may be specified manually or automatically generated, instantiated, adapted or has its content and structure dynamically edited. Therefore, changes in a document specification may occur from its creation to its execution. […] Continue reading →

The INCT of the E-Universe do ON – Observatory National Receive Financing Of CNPq

 The INCT of the e-universe of ON – National Observatory, coordinated by Luiz Alberto Nicolaci of Costa was approved and will receive funding from CNPQ. This INCT has the CEFET/RJ as an associate laboratory. Our LA is represented by Professor Eduardo Bezerra. Professor Bezerra is also members of the Committee Managers of the INCT e-universe. Continue reading →

Proposal CiD (Data Science) received the INCT seal

 National Institute of Science and Technology in Data science (INCT-CiD), whose project was recognized by CNPQ in the so-called inct – mcti/CNPQ/CAPES/FAPs In 16/2014 and registered under process No. 465560/2014-8. The Inct-CiD Consists of 9 associated laboratories (The) with distinct profiles based in 5 different states (RJ, MG, PR, SP and CE) from 3 regions […] Continue reading →

PPCIC Magna Class

 The graduate program in Computer Science (PPCIC) of the Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro (CEFET/RJ) held the Program Magna Class on September 19, 2016, from 11h to 12h, in Auditorium III, at Campus Maracanã, Rio de January. The Aula Magna was lectured by Prof. Marta Mattoso (Coppe/UFRJ). The professor is one […] Continue reading →