VI Workshop da EIC

VI Workshop of the School of Informatics and Computing (WEIC)

Day: 18/10/2018 – Venue: Auditorium 2 – Schedule: 9h to 12h and 14h to 21:30

Since 2013, the School of Informatics and Computing (EIC), through the program of Graduate In Computer science (PPCIC), has systematically promoted the Workshop of the School of Computer Science and Computing (WEIC). Last year the event attracted more than 200 entries. The WEIC  is an event dedicated to addressing computational problems, either by state of the art or by the state of practice. The objective of the event is to promote and disseminate the experiences of researchers and developers of our state, in order to motivate students, at different levels of education, to engage in resolving these challenges. The event is designed to be as wide as possible, looking to cover a broad spectrum of topics in the area of computer science. The presentations have a duration of 50 minutes, with 10 minutes devoted to questions and interaction with the students.

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  1. Marcel Pedroso (Fiocruz) – Data Science platform – 09h
  2. Jonas Dias (Dell  EMC) – Dell EMC – Brasil R&D – 10h
  3. Luiz Satoru Eye (UFF) – New computational intelligence technologies for logistics and transport areas – 11h
  4. Artuz Ziviani (LNCC)-Science of networks in data science: challenges and Opportunities – 14h
  5. Fabio Porto (LNCC) –  database to IA: A long way convergent – 15h
  6. Ricardo Ogando (Line/on) – What we learn about the universe by observing distant galaxies – 16h
  7. Simone Martins (UFF)-Operational research: What is it for? – 17:30
  8. Glaydston Mattos Ribeiro (Coppe/UFRJ)-The problem of locating traffic sensors with limitations on the number of sensors and tracks – 18:30
  9. Daniel Cardoso Moraes de Oliveira (uff) Online Application analysis spark With Samba – 19h30min
  10. Penalties Ocana (LNCC) – Parallel and distributed computation of genomic analysis-20:30

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