Proposal CiD (Data Science) received the INCT seal

National Institute of Science and Technology in Data science (INCT-CiD), whose project was recognized by CNPQ in the so-called inct – mcti/CNPQ/CAPES/FAPs In 16/2014 and registered under process No. 465560/2014-8. The Inct-CiD Consists of 9 associated laboratories (The) with distinct profiles based in 5 different states (RJ, MG, PR, SP and CE) from 3 regions of the country (SE, S, NE). The coordination of INCT-CiD is headquartered in the National Laboratory of Scientific Computing (LNCC) and has the CEFET/RJ as one of the main associated laboratories. The other partner institutions are IME, UFC, UFJF, UFPR and UTFPR, in addition to the Swedish-Brazilian Innovation Center (CISB) and a startup called DBS2. In addition to this structure, there is an international advisory board consisting of 7 renowned researchers with complementary profiles of performance in the field of data science (4 based in the USA, 2 in Europe and 1 in Brazil).

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