Dissertation defense (December 15, 2022): Iran de Alvarenga Cidade

Student: Iran de Alvarenga Cidade

Title: A Low-Cost System for Environmental Monitoring and Air Quality Verification

Advisors: Diego Brandão e João Quadros

Committee: Diego Brandão (CEFET/RJ), João Quadros (CEFET/RJ), Eduardo Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ), Jader Lugon Jr. (IFF)

Day/Time: December 15, 2022 / 10a.m.


Abstract: The technological advances in recent years have allowed different areas of science to be benefited and even revolutionized. Some examples can be seen in using artificial intelligence techniques in disease diagnosis and identifying criminals by imaging. The environmental area has also benefited from such advances. Some examples are the use of AI algorithms for remote sensing and sensors for pollution determination. In this context, this work presents a low-cost environmental monitoring system that aims to provide a quick reading of elements that pollute the air and can compromise human health. The system developed consists of monitoring air pollutants using sensors connected to an electronic interface on an autonomous unmanned vehicle (UAV). According to regulatory agencies, the captured data is analyzed by an algorithm based on fuzzy logic that allows the definition of air quality indexes. Experiments were conducted in an industrial area of Rio de Janeiro, and the results demonstrate the proposal’s feasibility.