Dissertation defense (December 02, 2020): Jomar Ferreira Monsores

Student: Jomar Ferreira Monsores

Title: Environment Based on Robotic Tool for Educational Assistance of Students with Dyslexia

Advisor: João Roberto de Toledo Quadros

Committee: João Roberto de Toledo Quadros (president), Eduardo Soares Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ), Patrícia Grasel da Silva (IFRJ)

Day/Time: December 02, 2020 / 10h30min.

Room: meet.google.com/qdt-pcdb-dng

Abstract: A robotics environment, aimed at helping people with dyslexia, is presented, both for the aid of reading and for the literacy of people. The proposal of the environment is to be inclusive, which makes it also used for people without dyslexia. This environment is playful, focused on a vision of play, without being competitive, but collaborative. It is composed of a robot, a board (with symbols) and an application, with emphasis on the learning perspective of the target users. The idea of this environment is based on the conception that, the brain of a person with dyslexia is better adapted to methods of teachings focused on three-dimensionality, movement and spatial perception. It is intended that this resource can be applied in environments that do not have a complete didactic-pedagogical structure to act as an aid to people with dyslexia. Because it is a low -cost educational resource, its use will be adapted to environments with limited financial resources, such as public schools or schools with many students in need. The effectiveness of this resource in literacy and reading aid for students with dyslexia can be seen in the application of the tests in which this environment has been used as an inclusive educational resource, acting in literacy or reading aid for both people with and without dyslexia.


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