Course Schedule

The program is organized through trimesters. Table 1 presents the distribution of courses along the trimesters. Course descriptions are available at  courses page.

2019 Courses Offers

Trimestre Course Professor Day Schedule
1 Robotics Applications João Quadros Tuesday 08h50min to 12h25min
1 Machine Learning Eduardo Bezerra Thursday 13h25min to 17h
1 Database Jorge Soares Thursday 08h50min to 12h25min
1 Fundamentals of Multimedia Systems Joel dos Santos Tuesday 13h25min to 17h
1 Statistical methods Diego Haddad Wednesday 17h05min to 20h40min
1 Special Topics in Computational Intelligence Gustavo Paiva Guedes
1 Special Topics in Algorithms Raphael  Machado
2 Computational Linear Algebra Diego Brandão Thursday 13h25min to 17h
2 Linear Algebra and Graphs Leonardo Lima Wednesday 08h50min to 12h25min
2 Analysis and Design of Algorithms Raphael  Machado Friday 08h50min to 12h25min
2 Scientific Methodology in Computer Science Kele  Belloze Tuesday 13h25min to 17h
2 Data Mining (lessons in English) Eduardo Ogasawara Friday 14h20min to 17h55min
2 Special Topics in Data Management Jorge Soares
2 Special Topics in Optimization Laura Assis Thursday 8h25min – 12h00min
3 Graph Algorithms Laura Assis Thursday 13h25min to 17h
3 Computer Architecture João Quadros Tuesday 08h50min to 12h25min
3 Parallel and Distributed Computing Rafaelli Coutinho Friday 14h20min to 17h55min
3 Text Mining Gustavo Paiva Guedes Wednesday 13h25min to 17h
3 Metaheuristic Optimization Pedro González Tuesday 13h25min to 17h
3 Special Topics in Algorithms Diego Haddad Wednesday 17h05min to 20h30min
3 Special Topics in Computational Intelligence Kele  Belloze Wednesday 14h20min to 17h55min
3 Special Topics in Multimedia Joel dos Santos Thursday 12h40min to 16h25min
4 Special Topics in Data Management Eduardo Ogasawara Wednesday 14h20min to 17h55min
4 Special Topics in Modeling Diego Brandão Thursday 13h25min to 17h00min

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