Dissertation defense (September 15, 2023): Renata Fonseca da Silva

Student: Renata Fonseca da Silva

Title: O uso de Jogos Educacionais e Sistemas Tutores Inteligentes como ferramentas no combate às Fake News: Uma Revisão Sistemática de Literatura

Advisors:  Jorge de Abreu Soares (Advisor) and Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (Co-advisor)

Committee:Jorge de Abreu Soares (Cefet/RJ), Ronaldo Ribeiro Goldschmidt (IME), Joel André Fereira dos Santos (Cefet/RJ), Paulo Marcio Souza Freire (IME)

Day/Time: September 15, 2023 / 9a.m.

Room: Cefet/RJ – Unidade Maracanã, Bloco E, sala E-520

Abstract: Fake News has grown absurdly in volume and sharing in recent times. This is due to theevolution of social media and access to the internet. However, the number of Fake News storiesshared on the internet without a critical analysis of the information has been unprecedented. Itshould be noted that Media and Information Literacy practices have been adopted to combat FakeNews. In this context, Educational Games and Intelligent Tutor Systems have been successful intraining people to recognize this type of news. The aim of this study is to identify and analyzethe methods and characteristics described and implemented by Educational Games and IntelligentTutor Systems projects, which are the most widely used Media and Information Literacy tools du-ring the educational process to identify Fake News. To do this, the Systematic Literature Reviewmethodology was used, where it was possible to observe, for example, that around 94% of the toolsdeveloped corresponded to Educational Games and only three were available in Portuguese. It wasalso concluded that there has been a decrease in the number of published studies involving the useof these tools to combat Fake News