Other Information

It is now reinforced that the Program started in June 2016 and therefore does not yet have any graduates.

In addition, the last update of the area document included the restriction that there are no more than 30% of teachers in other programs. This issue was addressed at the last meeting of the coordinators’ forum and brought problems to the programs that only present the masters level, since several teachers participate in other programs of their institution so that they can also guide doctoral students. This expertise is even indicated as relevant for submitting APCNs to doctorates.

Specifically in the case of PPCIC, these teachers who participate in more than one program have training in the area of ​​Computing and work in other programs that do not belong to this area. In fact these other programs belong to the areas of Engineering III, Engineering IV and Administration, which characterizes an export of teachers acting in a complementary way and not an import of talents.

It is added that these teachers who work in more than one program were already working together with the other teachers of the PPCIC, with a strong adherence of their participation within the Program’s lines. This can be attested through publications and participation in joint projects.

Most Relevant Publication

We emphasize that given the recent creation of the Program, only the 2016 publications could be registered on the Sucupira platform. The list below shows the 48 most relevant publications. The list considered JCR for periodicals and Qualis for conference articles, mainly the productions in the restricted index (41, 11 in the A1 extract, 15 in the A2 extract, 15 in the B1 extract), but not limited to them. Also important national articles were indicated, papers that were classified as best papers or honorable mention. It was also sought to maintain a balance in teaching production and inclusion of student production.

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