Main Objectives

PPCIC, in line with the general objectives described in the CEFET / RJ PDI, aims to teach higher education postgraduate stricto sensu, to research and stimulate inventive activities that produce scientific articles, computational artifacts, courses and services That bring benefits to the community.

Specific Objectives

The program specific objectives are:

  • To qualify egress for research, teach and develop scientific and technological knowledge in the area of Computer Science.
  • Conduct research that produces knowledge that can be disseminated and applied through articles and computational artifacts of added value.
  • Interact with the axis of science and companies from the private and public sectors by proposing cutting-edge research topics that are relevant from a scientific, economic and social point of view for the country.

Egress Profile

The teaching of Computing plays a role of great social importance, and must train professionals who, in addition to a good technical and scientific base, have the capacity to reflect, analyze, discern and influence the most diverse issues of the contemporary world. Considering the skills and competences of its faculty and the national and worldwide demand for qualified professionals in the area of Computer Science, PPCIC aims to qualify egress for research, teach and develop scientific and technological knowledge in the area of Science of Computation.

In particular, the program has as its profile highly qualified human resources in the development of basic and applied research at the frontier of knowledge in Data Science. This professional has an expectation of typically solid training in Computer Science, Statistics and Mathematics, in addition to a minimum knowledge in the area of application of the problem addressed.

This profile can be corroborated by the conception of the program’s disciplines, research areas and faculty members profile.