CAPES – Evaluation and Field Document

CAPES – Rules and Official documents

CEFET/RJ – Director Board Resolutions

CEFET/RJ – Research Direction (DIPPG) General Rules

CEFET/RJ – Program (PPCIC) Specific Rules

Masters Course General Rules

A master student must attend a set of courses among the ones in the basic and specific groups. Each course must be chosen in agreement with the student tutor. The student must perform a total of at least 24 credits, distributed as follows:

  • at least 9 credits in courses from the basic group;
  • remaining credits in courses from the specific group.

The student must elaborate and present a Masters Dissertation Proposal. While the proposal is under elaboration, the student must be registered at the Masters Dissertation Seminar class. The conditions for registering for Masters Dissertation Seminar class are the following:

  • Deadline: at least 06 months and at most 18 months after entering the Master Degree Program;
  • Credits: at least 09 credits in disciplines from the basic group and, at least, 06 credits in disciplines from the specific group;
  • Academic production: fulfill the minimum score as defined in the program-specific rules.

After being approved for Masters Dissertation Seminar, the student must register in Masters Dissertation Research class in all the following periods until presenting the Dissertation.

Paper Ranking

Papers published in the following conferences will have the following score. Such score is considered for the evaluation of a student academic production.