Student Body

The enrollment of students in the PPCIC is done through an edict prepared by the collegiate and approved by the higher instance (COPEP). The call for proposals lists the number of places available. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Program, candidates from the most varied areas of training are accepted. The requirement for joining the Program is the presentation of any of the following diplomas recognized by the MEC under the terms of current legislation: Bachelor’s degree; Bachelor, Engineering, Undergraduate in Computing.

The selection of students by the PPCIC follows a rigorous criterion also adopted by other programs of the institution. The selection process consists of two stages. In the first stage the enrolled candidates carry out objective tests of Computational Base and English, and a proof of Writing. In the second stage the classified candidates submit a work plan indicating a project to be developed along the masters and a choice of supervisor. The evaluation carried out in the second stage considers the adherence of the plan delivered to the line and research project (s) of the chosen advisor, as well as the candidate’s academic and / or professional profile. As part of the evaluation of the second stage, the candidates undergo an oral argument where they are questioned about the presented plan.

Each selection process takes approximately two months. Since its inception in June 2016, the PPCIC has conducted two selective processes for student enrollment. The first selective process aimed at the enrollment of students for the third quarter of 2016 (September), ending in August of the same year. At the end of this process we had the entry of 15 students, composing the first group of PPCIC. Of the 15 approved students, five requested scholarship having the two highest ranked received CAPES scholarships.

The second selection process was for the enrollment of students for the first quarter of 2017 (February), ending in December 2016. At the end of this process we had the enrollment of 17 students who started their classes in February 2017.

It is possible to consult PPCIC’s student body through the Sucupira platform.