ControlHarvest: Game-Based Learning for Biological Control

Students: Gabriel Alves da Silva, Patrick Warley Telles da Silva
Advisors: Leonardo Lignani, Eduardo Ogasawara


Biological control is a strategy used to control pests (insects, diseases) for certain environments, such as farmland. It is based on methods for controlling pests using other living beings. However, studies must be conducted before this practice in order to reduce possible side effects. With these concepts in mind, we developed an educational game that enhances the understanding of aspects of the ecology of populations, functions of biological control and specificity of some ecological relationships. This game is called ControlHarvest and uses a simplified scenario of running a farm. The result is a game that tries to introduce concepts related to ecology in a ludic way. The game was evaluated with technical high school students. They found interest about the content covered by the game.




About Eduardo Ogasawara
I am a Professor of the Computer Science Department of the Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro (CEFET / RJ) since 2010. I hold a PhD in Systems Engineering and Computer Science at COPPE / UFRJ. Between 2000 and 2007 I worked in the Information Technology (IT) field where I acquired extensive experience in workflows and project management. I have solid background in the Databases and my primary interest is Data Science. He currently studies space-time series, parallel and distributed processing, and data preprocessing methods. I am a member of the IEEE, ACM, INNS, and SBC. Throughout my career I have been presenting consistent number of published articles and projects approved by the funding agencies, such as CNPq and FAPERJ. I am also reviewer of several international journals, such as VLDB Journal, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing and The Journal of Systems and Software. Currently, I am heading the Post-Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPCIC) of CEFET / RJ.

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