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Defesa de exame de qualificação (20/08/2020): Lucas Giusti Tavares

Discente: Lucas Giusti Tavares

Título: Flight Delay Prediction with Concept Drift: A Study of the Brazilian Flight Systems

Orientadores:  Jorge de Abreu Soares (orientador) e Eduardo Soares Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ) (coorientador).

Banca: Jorge de Abreu Soares (presidente), Eduardo Soares Ogasawara (CEFET/RJ), Rafaelli de Carvalho Coutinho (CEFET/RJ) e Antônio Tadeu Azevedo Gomes (LNCC)

Dia/hora: 20 de agosto de 2020, às 10h.

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Flight delays impose challenges that impacts any flight transportation system. The prediction of flight delays may be an important tool for handling effectively with this problem. However, the behavior of flight delay system varies through time. This phenomenon is known as concept drift. The objective of this paper is to perform an analysis of concept drift in flight delay prediction of the Brazilian flight system. We evaluated it in the Brazilian flight system under different scales and time intervals. Many different drift handling techniques and classifiers models were studied. It was possible to observe that variance method may show less sensitivity to drifts. Moreover, the passive method showed slightly better results then active drift-dealing methods.