Passe-me: A Tool for Planning Studies for Competitions

Students: Leonardo Souto Gimenes Pimentel

Collaborators: Kele Belloze, Jorge Soares, Eduardo Ogasawara, Renato Mauro

According to the Brazilian Constitution, the only way to become a public employee is passing a public exam. The job-knowledge exam is one of the most important components of a public exam. Studying for such exam is a challenging task that requires planning. An important activity during planning is to build a timetable that conciliates all subjects that need to be studied with the available time for studying them. This problem is very similar to project management, where the focus is on distributing activities through available time. Thus, it becomes interesting to address the problem of studying for a public exam as a project. This paper presents Passe-me, a tool to support studying based on PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) project lifecycle. Since Passe-me is a web tool, its response time for displaying a timetable for studying is crucial. The tool uses a genetic algorithm to compute the timetable prioritizing response time. The tool was evaluated under different scenarios and obtained satisfactory performance during timetable generation.

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About Eduardo Ogasawara
I am a Professor of the Computer Science Department of the Federal Center for Technological Education of Rio de Janeiro (CEFET / RJ) since 2010. I hold a PhD in Systems Engineering and Computer Science at COPPE / UFRJ. Between 2000 and 2007 I worked in the Information Technology (IT) field where I acquired extensive experience in workflows and project management. I have solid background in the Databases and my primary interest is Data Science. He currently studies space-time series, parallel and distributed processing, and data preprocessing methods. I am a member of the IEEE, ACM, INNS, and SBC. Throughout my career I have been presenting consistent number of published articles and projects approved by the funding agencies, such as CNPq and FAPERJ. I am also reviewer of several international journals, such as VLDB Journal, IEEE Transactions on Service Computing and The Journal of Systems and Software. Currently, I am heading the Post-Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPCIC) of CEFET / RJ.

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