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Algorithms, Computational Modeling and Optimization

Algorithms, combinatorics and optimization

 Algorithms are the most fundamental concept in Computer Science. His study refers to basic theories such as Computational Complexity and Computability. On the other hand, the algorithm design, along with all its paradigms – sequential, parallel, distributed, randomized, approximate, quantum algorithms, among others – allows the computer to solve problems in the most diverse fields […]
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Advanced computational methods

 The development of computational models to solve complex problems requires the use of methods from different computer science areas. This project envision the use of signal processing, computational intelligence, numerical methods and high performance computing to solve problems from the areas of transportation, telecommunications, health, geophysics, agriculture, internet of things, energy, intelligent cities. We seek […]
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Graph theory and their applications

 Several real-life problems can be modeled from the perspective of Graph Theory or Network Science. The problems of interest of the researchers of this project are those that lie on the border between Discrete Mathematics, Computer Science, Linear Algebra and Optimization. Some problems of interest are clustering problems, network reliability, spectral theory in graphs and […]
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